In Living Studio we offer DESIGN, REMODELING AND DECORATION services, in this particular order with the 1st task designing what will be done in the spaces, then we execute the remodeling work and then the final decoration fulfilling  the requirements of every detail to reach at happy ending the achievement and optimization of each space of your home or office creating total comfort and harmony for your environment.

The personalized attention will warranty that your CURTAINS or SHADES be of your complete taste, the PAINTS and finishes of the walls and ceilings with the colors for a great environment, the UPHOLSTERY of your furniture carefully chosen with fine fabrics, the GYPSUM ceiling design with the right lighting to give a modern and elegant look, ceramic, porcelanate or wooden FLOORS  to have a warm environment.

We also offer CONSULTATION services in furniture and accesories selection to complete the last detail of your new home.

We have available a furniture virtual catalogue to shop online. Living, dinning and bedroom sets at your hand, enter the tabs SHOP ON LINE and watch the endless possibilities to choose.