About Us

Hi everyone.... my name is Eduardo Alfonso Correa, I was born in Panama, Central America, a small country between Costa Rica and Colombia with a 4 million population, multi cultural and with all religion in the same ground. So here is a very interesting place to establish, make business and have fun.

I studied accounting in high school and continued same carrier in college, but it became a boring job, not for me, so I decided to switch to sales and began studying Interior Design that was more interesting and a challenge for me to offer a service that potentials creativity and give my clients satisfaction for a better living.

So  I founded LIVING STUDIO in 2001 offering interior design and remodeling services for my clients giving them better and comfortable homes and offices.

Also is available the option to buy furniture online with our virtual catalogue with delivery to any country in just a few days.

I invite you to take a look at my website.